Well, aren’t I a bit of a stranger in my own home! Been mighty quiet ’round these parts, that’s for sure. Despite that, I’ve been as busy as always – maybe even more so – I just haven’t been yabbering about it all.

Let’s change that with a bit of a round-up.

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Retro Reading…

Been on a bit of an old-school kick with some of my reading. Grabbed some old annuals from the local charity shop, namely a 1979 BATTLE and ’91 GI JOE. I used to devour this stuff when I was a lad and it’s fun to dip back in, wryly laugh at all the politically incorrect language and senseless violence that the kids of today (or their parents at the very least) might frown upon.

Likewise with the magazines I’m reading. The last three I picked up were from e-bay; two issues of KERRANG! (’85 and ’88 respectively) and an ’87 METAL HAMMER. Here’s some of the characters you’re gonna find in there…

robert sweet yngwie kerrang Showing your age if you can identify those two gents…

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FILM REVIEW: Kerb Crawlers (2015)


Mad Science Films’ third feature length takes the well trodden path of found footage. KERB CRAWLERS is told from the POV of camera man Dave as he documents a very bad night out for a group of likely lads setting out to make a snuff movie. Their victim for such, Daisy Dior’s Ana, turns out to be more of a handful than they expected, soon stalking and preying upon our hapless protagonists one-by-one, doling out a most vicious type of justice.

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EVENT: Southcart Books Signing/ Talk (with David Moody)

fight night

Back in 2011, fellow genre hack David Moody (HATER, AUTUMN, STRANGERS) and I did a few signings at various conventions and book stores. As more dates were added, it became a sort of tour thing, rolling on another year… and then another…  as we found ourselves travelling up and down the country. Someone referred to it as the ‘Never Trust a Man with Hair’ tour and the title kind of stuck, even generating its own t-shirt and poster.

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MUSIC REVIEW: Enslaved in Exile (2014) by Eyes of the Defiled

EotDbDeathcore’s a bad word right now. Once the in-thing with record labels and punters alike, with bands such as Suicide Silence (great) and Emmure (not so great) leading the charge, these days the term seems more readily used as a slur. Many bands have turned their back on deathcore altogether, choosing instead descriptors such as ‘slam’ or ‘brutal death’ for their own respective brands of extreme metal and hardcore.

Odd then that a young band such as Crisfield, MD’s Eyes of the Defiled choose to proclaim their deathcore heritage right off the bat as opposed to reluctantly having it forced upon them.

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