Episode 6

Wayne and his amazing friends return with more genre goodness!

This episode…

Bestselling genre author, David Moody, reads from his new apoc-thriller, STRAIGHT TO YOU.

Wayne reviews two indie horror movies he watched recently: NO TELL MOTEL and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD: RESURRECTION.

Sion Smith (writer and editor of SKIN DEEP TATTOO MAGAZINE) joins Wayne to talk about the mechanics of writing and some of the challenges he faces when writing or preparing to write. Sion’s new book THE ETERNITY RING is available now on all e-devices. Buy here.

Writer and editor, Brian M Sammons, is our guest judge for this month’s flash fiction. For details on Brian’s latest anthology, WORLD WAR CTHULHU, go here.

Music by Galactic Cowboys.

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Next event: Sci-fi Weekender 2014

With David Moody at the UK Festival of Zombie Culture. Photo by Sean Page.

With David Moody at the UK Festival of Zombie Culture. Photo by Sean Page.

Just a quick reminder that I’ll be at the Sci-Fi Weekender again this year. As always, you’ll find me at my table, once again joined by wingman and fellow genre hack, David Moody.

I’ll have all my titles in tow, including new book, PLASTIC JESUS. I’ll also have a few other surprises, so be sure to come over and say hello.

For more details on the Sci-Fi Weekender, go here.

Hopefully see some of you there!

Gerard Brennan and Jesus…

… are two top blokes.

But wait a minute, we are talking about the same Gerard Brennan and Jesus, right? Gerard Brennan the Norn Irish crime hack and Jesus the rogue computer program from the Dystopian near future state of Maalside?


Yeah, that’s right. Those two.

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Double-barrelled review: the wounded and the slain/ the vengeful virgin (Hard Case Crime)

So, I’m back on a bender with Hard Case Crime books. Haven’t heard of them? Well, they’re the guys who breathe new life into a lot of old classic pulp and noir novels, with a facelift to boot, so they look like this…


Not bad, eh? But isn’t it dangerous to judge a book by its cover?

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