INTERVIEW: Juan De Dios Garduno, author of Spanish zombie novel, Y PESE A TODO (Dolmen Editorial)

Continuing my interview series with Dolmen Editorial authors, I’m delighted to introduce you to JUAN DE DIOS GARDUÑO.

Dolmen Editorial publish my zombie thriller FLU in Spain (aka PANDEMIA) so, as always, it’s a real honour to welcome my label mates over to the blog to talk horror.


WS: Hey Juan! What books have you released through Dolmen to date? Tell us a little about them.

I have published “Y Pese a Todo…” with Dolmen. It´s a story about friendship and hate and survival. After the Third World War, in the city of Bangor (Maine) there are only three survivors: Peter, Peter´s young daughter and Patrick, their neighbour. They are struggling to survive a harsh winter, without any help from the outside, and to make things worse, Patrick and Peter hate each other.

I had already written a zombi book following the rules of the genre and I felt the need to write something different. That´s how I came up with the idea for “Y Pese a Todo…” It took me about two months to write the novel, which is probably some kind of record, but I planned every step carefully and followed a strict daily schedule. I was determined to write a minimum of words every day. It was the first time I did something of the sort, I’m quite chaotic as a rule, and the experience turned out well.
¿Soñabas o esperabas que tu libro contara con una adaptación cinematográfica?

When I was a child, I always dreamt with having one of my stories adapted for the big screen. As I grew up I realized it was near to impossible that my dream would ever come true. You can imagine my surprise when I learned that Vaca Films was interested in adapting my novel!


WS: What, in your opinion, makes a good horror book? Who are some of your favourite horror authors and why?

I don´t think I´m qualified to answer the first question yet, but perhaps I can give you some helpful hints: a solid plot structure; strong characters; some good plot twists and most specially you have to be lucky, very lucky.

My favorite authors…Phew! There are so many! From classical to contemporary: Poe, Lovecraft, Hogdson, Bierce, Matheson, King… I could name a hundred more. All of them have done their bit for the greatness of the genre.

If I have to name a single literary work my choice would be “I Am Leyend” by Richard Matheson. But I would also like to mention “Phantoms” by the underrated Dean Koontz, he scared the hell out of me.


WS: Why do you think zombie horror is so popular right now across the world?

Many think that it has to do with the current financial crisis, but I think there´s more to it than just that. Brooks wrote such a good novel and he made people want to read more books about zombies. I think that´s how it all started.


WS: What are your favourite zombie movies?

Dawn of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead, Shaun of the Dead, …


WS: Finally, what’s next for you in terms of writing?

I´m currently working on a story about a young soldier who is commited to a mental hospital in Valladolid at the end of the Spanish Civil War. At the hospital he will discover there are things worse than the war.

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