Gerard Brennan and Jesus…

… are two top blokes.

But wait a minute, we are talking about the same Gerard Brennan and Jesus, right? Gerard Brennan the Norn Irish crime hack and Jesus the rogue computer program from the Dystopian near future state of Maalside?


Yeah, that’s right. Those two.

We’ll get to his Lordship in a moment but first, Gerard. You may remember me talking about this man before. Gerard very kindly interviewed me back in 2010 and, last year,  allowed me to review a few crime novels over at his site, CRIME SCENE NI: books such as Tania Carver’s THE CREEPER and Stephen McGeagh’s awesome HABIT.


Now, Gerard himself is a writer with a good bit of work out there already, mostly through the awesome crime/ noir press, Blasted Heath. His signature style is hard-boiled noir set in our native Northern Ireland. I thoroughly enjoyed his novella, THE POINT, back in 2011, when it was first released, and just recently downloaded antho, OTHER STORIES AND NOTHING BUT TIME.



OS & NBT is an awesome read and I raced through it in no time. It’s typical Brennan with the usual motley crew of Northern Irish anti-heroes knee-deep in booze and drugs and whores. The writing is so sharp, you might just cut your fingers reading.

First story, BOUNCER, tells the story of a doorman trying to connect with his gay son, all while working the door at Lavery’s Bar, and it packs a real emotional punch. Second story, HARD ROCK, is a cracker and probably my  fav of the bunch. This one made it into The Mammoth Book of Best British Crime, Volume 8 and is about a hard-living rocker who goes too far with a groupie: it’s as hilarious as it is vicious. NOTHING BUT TIME deals with a newbie prisoner coming to terms with life behind bars.  DAY-TRIPPING is a drug-fuelled dark comedy and SWING is a horrific crime tale bringing the antho to a startling conclusion.

Trust me, you’ll like this book. So head on over to Amazon now and grab yourself a copy at a criminally low 99p.  

Oh, before you go, have you got a few moments to talk about Jesus? Of course you do. He’s the star of my new sci-fi thriller, PLASTIC JESUS, and the good people of Salt Publishing have an awesome little Easter comp going where you can win yourself one of fourteen copies of the novel! Fourteen!

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But if that all sounds like too much hassle, the novel is still going at £1.71 on Kindle. Go here to grab it.