It’s my party and I’ll release a new book if I want to…

So, two things going on today.

One: I’ve officially entered mid-life crisis territory.

Two: I’ve released a surprise novella!

We’ll not dwell too much on the former, but the latter? Well, that’s something I do want to talk about. New book’s called THE GIRL IN THE BASEMENT and it’s a crime/ horror hybrid about a young goth girl called Kayley who… well… ends up in a basement. You can grab it now on all e-reader devices for the paltry sum of 77p.

(That’s 99c for our friends in the US).

untitled (18)

This one’s particularly special to me as it’s the first of my titles to be released through David Moody’s Infected Books press, an honour in itself. It also features a cover by writer, editor and designer, Sion Smith, another good friend, with proofing as always by Rebecca. So very much a team effort.

Anyway, enough prattle from me.   Here’s the skinny on the book. Hope you get a chance to read it.

In the UK, a teenager goes missing every three minutes.

Goth girl, Kayley Sands, is one of them.

After a night out in Manchester, Kayley wakes to find herself strapped to a bed in a damp, dingy basement. Her captor is insane, his intentions unclear.

Now, facing the demons from her past could be the only way to ensure a future…

The Girl in the Basement is a fast-paced thriller from the bestselling author of Flu and Plastic Jesus.

‘A stunning read, but not for the faint hearted.’ —The Guardian on Plastic Jesus

‘With The Girl in the Basement, Simmons gives classic pulp writers a taste of their own plaid.’ —Sion Smith, Skin Deep Tattoo Magazine

‘Breathless and unrelenting, you cannot fail to turn the page and see what happens next.’ —JD Gillam, Starburst Magazine

‘A short, sharp shock to the system. Simmons grabs you from the first line of the first page and doesn’t let go. You’ll be as trapped as the Girl in the Basement herself: unable to escape or even to stop reading. Highly recommended.’ —David Moody, author of Autumn, Hater and The Cost of Living

Available now at:

Amazon UK / Amazon US / IBOOK / NOOK / Smashswords