Book Review: ISOLATION by David Moody


ISOLATION is a brand new novella by bestselling genre author, David Moody. Complete with four short stories, it’s been billed as Moody’s final word on zombie horror.

The lead story is an action-packed survival horror story following Keith and Anna, two young survivors brought together after a sudden and deadly virus infects practically everyone around them, turning them into bloodthirsty monsters. Although reminiscent of Moody’s AUTUMN series (the zombies don’t appear to eat flesh, for one thing), this story, like all the others in the collection, is not directly linked to previous releases.

Originally written as a screenplay, ISOLATION moves along at a cracking pace. It’s perhaps the pulpiest release by Moody to date; a gory thrillfest from start to finish. Of course, fans of Moody’s unique approach to characterisation will not be disappointed; Keith and Anna’s back stories are expertly weaved into the novella making us, as readers, fully invested in their plight to survive. Fans of AUTUMN and HATER will lap this up.


ISOLATION does exactly what it needs to, going out with a bang rather than a whisper. And although it might be his last word on zombie horror, you get the feeling that gritty end-of-the-world survival horror will be a staple of Moody’s for some time to come.

ISOLATION is available now through Infected Books at the super-low price of £2.05/ $2.99.