Well, aren’t I a bit of a stranger in my own home! Been mighty quiet ’round these parts, that’s for sure. Despite that, I’ve been as busy as always – maybe even more so – I just haven’t been yabbering about it all.

Let’s change that with a bit of a round-up.

First up, there’s a new book in the works. A slasher horror, no less, co-written with fellow genre hack and longtime friend, Mr Andre Duza.  You can read all about it over at the Infected Books blog. And, hell’s bells, how awesome is that cover by veteran horror artist Alex McVey?11157991_10205866921488830_293016214_n[1]

Speaking of voodoo, if you’re a German language reader, I’ve got double trouble for you courtesy of those good people at Voodoo Press. Both THE GIRL IN THE BASEMENT (aka DAS MADCHEN IM KELLER) and DOLL PARTS (aka ZUM STERBEN SCHON 2) will be available soon in Deutsch. For more details, follow the hyperlinks.11025759_619235571512051_1247720458678376571_n814JTEiihpL._SL1500_

Finally, as some of you may know, I’ve been a regular contributor to Skin Deep Tattoo Magazine for about a year or so now. I’m also delighted to join the ranks of Power Play Magazine where I’ll be doing music reviews,  checking out gigs and hopefully more.  The latest edition, Issue 175, is available now at all good newsstands, featuring my thoughts on new releases from Countless Skies, Paganland, Equinox and Tiro No Escuro.

powerplay 175

Okay, that’s it for now. Happy Tuesday!