Well heeeeellllooo from Sunny Wales! 😀

As you can imagine, most of this week has been spent with relocation stuff: where last week was all about picking, packing, poking, this week is about (un)picking, (un)packing and ….er… well.

So, not a lot writing-wise to report on. I’ve been working on my new final girl novel and (re)working another manuscript. Just daily grind stuff, mainly.

I do have one upcoming event to report though: 8th October is going to be ZOMBIE DAY in Leicester! I’ll be joining fellow horror hacks, David Moody and Jasper Bark for a zombathon at the Phoenix Centre as part of UN:BOUND mag’s latest video event. And we need zombies! Interested parties should assemble in a (dis)orderly fashion at the Phoenix from Midday onwards. Contact the good folks at UN:BOUND for more details or stick a comment underneath this post.

Also, just a heads-up on a new competition. Cool new horror site, MIDNIGHT REAPING, are giving away copies of my apoc-shockers, DROP DEAD GORGEOUS and FLU to one lucky winner. All you have to do is like their facebook page. Simple! More details right here.

To finish, what about this thing of beauty?!

Fashion designer Hally McGehean, whose work has been displayed in the Whitney Museum, has created a dress made up of hundreds of Hard Case Crime covers.  Remember them? We’ve reviewed a few of their books on the blog, which you can read here, here and here.  Anyway, Hally will be featuring the dress as one of ten new outfits she’s debuting in her outdoor fashion show during Fashion Week in New York City. Pretty cool, eh?

Anywhoooo, that’s it for now. Hopefully next time I’ll have more news on the German and Spanish editions of FLU. Until then, it’s adieu from me!

(What’s Goodbye in Welsh?)

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