BITES AND PIECES (30th September 2011)

Afternoon, fellow genre fans. And how are you all on this fine Sunny Friday? Good I hope?

Not much to tell you this week about my own genre writing. With so much sun, I took the liberty of moving my (ahem) office outside into the backyard, pressing the PAUSE button on those pesky edits I was working on and instead started to plan a new book.

Plan? I hear you yell from the back. And quite rightly too. Planning has never been something I did much of to date. Most of my writing has involved a more organic process (READ: making it up as I go along). But this particular project is a hard-boiled mystery. Planning is essential for that sort of thing, I hear. Either way, it’s a whole new approach for me but – I must say – one which I’m very much enjoying.

I did take a little time at the computer to upload my new EVENTS page. And you can see it’s already jampacked for October. That’s right, I’ll be getting out and about over the bewitching season; travelling to Leicester, Manchester, Cardiff and Bristol to bring my apoc-horror to your very door. Check out the page for more details and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need more info.  

Okay, bit of pimpage. Fellow zombie horror hack, Timothy Long, has just re-released his cult z-novel AMONG THE LIVING through Permuted Press. 

Tim’s a great writer, well known for his bizarro spin on the horror genre. AMONG THE LIVING is his debut novel and one that z-fans will heartily devour. More info here.  

Next up: one of my favourite genre writers, Mr Shaun Hutson, continues his regular column over at READ HORROR. In this post, Shaun tells us just exactly how many drafts he considers proper whenever writing a novel. And less is more for the GOREFATHER. Get it here.  

So anyway, I’ve been catching up with my movie watching of recent and what better flick to enjoy than Ti West’s wonderfully understated HOUSE OF THE DEVIL.

Made in 2008, HOtD is a Satanic Panic movie and a great homage to 70s/ 80s horror movies; right down to how the credits roll on the screen. In some ways, it reminds me of Rob Zombie’s excellent reimagining of the Halloween franchise.  This is a marvellous movie. Beautifully made. Well acted throughout. Excellent gore! A definite something for the weekend for the discerning horror fan…

Finally, I’m now officially an all-ages writer. Check this out: Snowbooks’ Emma Barnes sent me a cool video of her lovely son, Ro, reading my apoc horror novel, DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. You can watch the video right here.  

(Apparently, DDG has too many big words in it. And here’s me thinking I was a pulp writer!)  

Okay, so that’s me for this week.  

Til next time…

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