Doll Parts


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Roughly 99% of Belfast’s population suddenly dropped dead.
Some have risen again, and a horde of the beautiful undead is descending upon the city, wreaking bloody vengeance on the few left alive.

An unlikely group of survivors flee the carnage, heading for the city’s main airport. But their refuge there may quickly come to an end as the living dead close in…

Doll Parts is the sequel to cult zombie-horror novel, Drop Dead Gorgeous.

‘Doll Parts is a verbal gut-punch, viciously beautiful in its delivery. Simmons takes the femme fatale to a whole new level in this remorseless look at a world gone to hell.’ –Sarah Elliot, Pop Culture Monster

‘Brilliant, bloody and beautiful.’ –Garry Charles, Shock Horror Magazine

‘One of the best new horror writers of the decade. Wayne Simmons takes everything you fear and exploits it with no apologies.’ –James Melzer, author of Escape.

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