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It’s my party and I’ll release a new book if I want to…

So, two things going on today.

One: I’ve officially entered mid-life crisis territory.

Two: I’ve released a surprise novella!

We’ll not dwell too much on the former, but the latter? Well, that’s something I do want to talk about. New book’s called THE GIRL IN THE BASEMENT and it’s a crime/ horror hybrid about a young goth girl called Kayley who… well… ends up in a basement. You can grab it now on all e-reader devices for the paltry sum of 77p.

(That’s 99c for our friends in the US).

untitled (18)

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SCARdiff 2014


SCARdiff is an annual expo, co-produced by yours truly, celebrating all things horror: books, comics, movies, cosplay, the works. 2014′s event is an ALL AGES show, scheduled for Sunday 19th October at our new venue, Cardiff Masonic Hall.

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BOOK REVIEW: The Cost of Living by David Moody

Cover by David R Shires of theimagedesigns.com
Cover by David R Shires of theimagedesigns.com


If there’s one man who knows his zombies, it’s fellow horror hack, David Moody. His novel, AUTUMN, was one of the first of a new wave of zombie horror fiction hailing from the early zeroes that seems more popular now than ever.  Along with Brian Keene, who released his seminal zombie novel THE RISING around the same time, Moody is credited as being one of the godfathers of the sub-genre.  And with latest book, THE COST OF LIVING – released just today – Moody’s gone back to his roots.

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Next event: Sci-fi Weekender 2014

With David Moody at the UK Festival of Zombie Culture. Photo by Sean Page.
With David Moody at the UK Festival of Zombie Culture. Photo by Sean Page.

Just a quick reminder that I’ll be at the Sci-Fi Weekender again this year. As always, you’ll find me at my table, once again joined by wingman and fellow genre hack, David Moody.

I’ll have all my titles in tow, including new book, PLASTIC JESUS. I’ll also have a few other surprises, so be sure to come over and say hello.

For more details on the Sci-Fi Weekender, go here.

Hopefully see some of you there!


Episode 5

Wayne’s back with more genre goodness!

This month features:

A reading from Wayne’s latest release, PLASTIC JESUS (available now from Salt Publishing).

An interview with Cardiff-based TV and radio presenter, Gary Slaymaker, talking about his production company, Slaycorp.

A new regular slot with genre hack, David Moody, this month dealing with one of David’s favourite sub-genres: the B-Movie.

The ever-popular flash fiction comp, this month featuring guest judge, Scott Harrison (TWISTED HISTORIES).

Music courtesy of Galactic Cowboys: their self-titled debut album from 1991.

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