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BOOK REVIEW: The Cost of Living by David Moody

Cover by David R Shires of theimagedesigns.com
Cover by David R Shires of theimagedesigns.com


If there’s one man who knows his zombies, it’s fellow horror hack, David Moody. His novel, AUTUMN, was one of the first of a new wave of zombie horror fiction hailing from the early zeroes that seems more popular now than ever.  Along with Brian Keene, who released his seminal zombie novel THE RISING around the same time, Moody is credited as being one of the godfathers of the sub-genre.  And with latest book, THE COST OF LIVING – released just today – Moody’s gone back to his roots.

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Kerbcrawlers (2014) Teaser trailer


Welsh horror director, James Plumb, and his Mad Science Films crew, are set to release their exploitation horror feature, KERBCRAWLERS, this year and have just unveiled this eye-catching poster and sinister trailer.

Watch if you dare…

Interact with James and the Mad Science Films crew at their official facebook page.


Episode 5

Wayne’s back with more genre goodness!

This month features:

A reading from Wayne’s latest release, PLASTIC JESUS (available now from Salt Publishing).

An interview with Cardiff-based TV and radio presenter, Gary Slaymaker, talking about his production company, Slaycorp.

A new regular slot with genre hack, David Moody, this month dealing with one of David’s favourite sub-genres: the B-Movie.

The ever-popular flash fiction comp, this month featuring guest judge, Scott Harrison (TWISTED HISTORIES).

Music courtesy of Galactic Cowboys: their self-titled debut album from 1991.

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DOUBLE-PIMPAGE! Zombie B.C. and Punkerama Records!

DSC01462 (2)

You may remember me talking about new comic book ZOMBIE B.C. written by an old friend of mine from the rustic days of Allthingszombie message boarding, Steve Vold. Well, Steve very kindly sent me a copy of the finished first issue and, have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! ZOMBIE B.C. pretty much does what it says on the tin: this is cavemen vs zombies.  The artwork, by Stephen Williams, is fantastic throughout and Steve’s writing, conveyed via an impartial, Sir-David-Attenborough-esque narrator lends the whole thing the credibility of something you might view on the History Channel, only with the gore of something from the Horror Channel. Lot of fun.

Now, if I were to soundtrack ZOMBIE B.C., I might be looking something on the fast and aggressive side, right? Enter PUNKERAMA, Belfast’s premier label for punk mother-fuckin-rock music. With bands such as The Outcasts, The Defects and U.K. Subs on their roster, you’ll be sure to get a lot of bang for your buck.

Plus, this t-shirt for a tenner. Brings out the colour in me, don’t you think?

So, big thanks to Steve for sending me ZOMBIE B.C. and to Daryl Duncan and the guys at PUNKERAMA for the free threads.

We’ll now return you to your scheduled programming…

Movie Review: PANDORUM (2009)

When I’m writing within a particular genre or sub-genre, I like to surround myself with films, books, comics, games and whatever else I can find within such. It gets me into the zone; helps me home in better on what stones are still left unturned.


Directed by Christian Alvert and starring Ben Foster, Dennis Quaid and Anje Traue, 2009′s PANDORUM is a sci-fi horror sitting somewhere between Ridley Scott’s ALIEN and Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (with a little bit of Neil Marshall’s THE DESCENT thrown in for good measure).

Tonally, it’s exactly what I need right now. pandorum_heavymetal_sm

Basic premise has ship Engineer Bower (Foster) and his commanding officer Payton (Quaid) awaking from suspended animation with no knowledge of where they are or what their mission is. Turns out they’re on the Elysian, a huge freighter ship from a severely under resourced Earth en route to a newly discovered and habitable world. But the Elysian itself is dying, life support dangerously close to nil, its reactor inactive. Bower must battle his way through the shadowy remains of the ship, and hordes of mutated adversaries, in order to reactivate the reactor.pandorum_kid_sm

This is an excellent film. It’s everything a sci-fi horror should be, the perfect blend of action and suspense. There are a lot of twists and turns; a lot of shifts in gear and tone. In some ways, it plays out like a survival horror game; something like DEAD SPACE, maybe; Bower interacting with the ragtag remains of the crew, each giving him a new piece to the puzzle as he moves through various doors and passageways to reach the reactor.  It’s both moody and fast-paced and, although sombre throughout, with some incredibly bleak moments of horror, is ultimately an uplifting movie.


PANDORUM is a HUGE recommend from me. One of the finest sci-fi horrors out there.