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Sion Smith’s Beautiful Creatures

‘Which brings me to a pet hate that is worth a mention. Computer Generated Imagery – known to all as CGI. It’s very, very boring. You have been sold a damp firework on this front. It has no part in the creation of monsters and I can’t recall a CGI creature that has ever been of value to the world. Ford would roll in his grave.’
Sion Smith‘s first instalment of his Beautiful Creatures series gives CGI the boot while lauding the delightfully authentic artwork of Henry Justice Ford. You can read it now over at The Serpents Of Bienville blog. 

Zombie B.C.

Back in 2007 or so, I used to loiter around a forum called ALLTHINGSZOMBIE. It was (and still is) a wonderful spot for hanging with fellow zombie horror fans. I met some wonderful people over there, including Jude Felton (now head honcho over at THE LAIR OF FILTH) and Steve Vold, who you may recall recently inked this awesome portrait of yours truly.

Anyway, at the time I was writing my first novel (DROP DEAD GORGEOUS) and Steve was working on a comic: ZOMBIE B.C.

Fast forward to 2013 and Steve has just launched a kickstarter page for ZOMBIE B.C., alongside co-creator Steven Williams. With a strapline like ‘Cavemen vs Zombies’ there’s a lot to like here. Not to mention Steve’s awesome artwork.

Check it out over at the official page. And if you like what you see, why not throw the guys some change?