Happy Xmas (War is over…. and I’ve got a new book out)

So, this is Christmas. And I’ve got a new book out, co-written with none other than David Moody (AUTUMN, HATER).  Grab it right here at the special festive price of 99p/ 99c. HO HO HO! Blog this! Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Tumblr it Tweet about it

Book Review: ISOLATION by David Moody

ISOLATION is a brand new novella by bestselling genre author, David Moody. Complete with four short stories, it’s been billed as Moody’s final word on zombie horror. Blog this! Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Tumblr it Tweet about it

BOOK REVIEW: The Cost of Living by David Moody

  If there’s one man who knows his zombies, it’s fellow horror hack, David Moody. His novel, AUTUMN, was one of the first of a new wave of zombie horror fiction hailing from the early zeroes that seems more popular now than ever.  Along with Brian Keene, who released his seminal zombie novel THE RISING around the same time, Moody […]

STRAIGHT TO YOU by David Moody

Most folks who are regulars to the site will know that fellow hack, David Moody, and I are something of a double-act within the world of genre fiction. Maybe it’s our shared fascination with the end of the world, or a tendency to write about a certain grey-faced bogeyman, but for one reason or another we’ve […]

That David Moody one is a character, alright…

More awesomeness coming up on the Wayne Simmons Fan Page… Following on from the Pitch & Page comp with my agent, Gina Panettieri, we’re delighted to have fellow apoc-horror guy David Moody over to the page to lead a ‘how-to’ workshop.   David, of course, is no stranger here: he’s the bestselling author of the […]