It’s my party and I’ll release a new book if I want to…

So, two things going on today. One: I’ve officially entered mid-life crisis territory. Two: I’ve released a surprise novella! We’ll not dwell too much on the former, but the latter? Well, that’s something I do want to talk about. New book’s called THE GIRL IN THE BASEMENT and it’s a crime/ horror hybrid about a young goth girl called […]

book review: dead street by Mickey spillane

I’m a HUGE fan of pulp fiction and of Hard Case Crime in particular. I’ve read and reviewed books by Donald E. Westlake, Christa Faust, Richard Aleas, Lawrence Block, Jack Clark and more. My own writing is greatly influenced by pulp and noir: I’ve often described my zombie novel FLU as noir with zombies and in his […]

12 Paragraphs on 2012

2012 was a cracking year for me (see picture). Got another couple of books out (FEVER and DOLL PARTS), and a few translation/ rights deals sorted. All of my books came out on Audio in the UK (through Audible), with the FLU series seeing release in the US (through Tantor Media). Was out and about […]