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Like a Bridge over Troubled Waters…

So here’s a thing: I was in the newsagents yesterday, picking up my papers,  and made for the till just as the woman beside me did the same.

‘After you,’ I said, but she was already holding back gesturing that I should go first.

An awkward standoff followed until the woman laughed, passed her papers to the bemused assistant and said: ‘We’re so polite. Must be a British thing.’

‘Well, Irish thing in my case,’ I said quickly. Then smiled.

I wasn’t being political. I do see myself as Irish but only because I was born and lived much of my life on a landmass that someone once named Ireland. Politically speaking, I couldn’t give a rat’s ass what it means to be British or Irish (or Northern Irish), but culturally, I do think there’s a distinction to be made.

I was thinking more about this while watching THE BRIDGE, a TV crime drama co-produced in Denmark and Sweden…

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