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Book Review: Runtime by S.B. Divya


S.B. Divya’s RUNTIME is a superb old-school cyberpunk novella with a vital and youthful energy about it. Following the story of Marmeg, a young runner entered into the Minerva Sierra Challenge, a teched-up mud run of sorts, it’s a fresh take on a suddenly booming sub-genre that tips its hat to classics such as BLADE RUNNER, ROLLERBALL, THE RUNNING MAN and just about every must-see anime out there.

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Official release of PLASTIC JESUS… PRAISE BE!


New book PLASTIC JESUS sees its official release this weekend. It’s available from all good online retailers and should be appearing in store very soon at your local Waterstone’s or indie bookseller.

Here’s a summary of some of the cool stuff out there on the book right now…

Starburst Magazine are running an interview feature in their December 2013 edition, issue 395, and had this to say in their review:

‘Plastic Jesus is an unrelenting look at the near future. Simmons skilfully comments on the current state of society and without stretching credibility, manages to give us a peek at where we may be headed. Believe us, the view isn’t a particularly inviting one but what it does is provide a stunningly realistic and relatable backdrop for a story that’s as gritty and violent as it is intriguing.’


Skin Deep Tattoo Magazine are running an intereview in their new Sci-Fi Bookazine (available now at WH Smith and all good newsagents or online) and a competition in their latest magazine.


This is Horror have another giveaway, which you can get in on right here.


And then there’s this, from my piece, BLADE RUNNER: MISERY-FEST OR MASTERPIECE, part of a series on dystopia by Litro Magazine.


‘And here’s the rub: for true dystopia, you need a failed attempt at utopia. It’s the contrast that makes the whole thing work. With Blade Runner, it was the basic cyberpunk hook: man invents machine; machine turns against man. With Plastic Jesus, it’s about religion: man invents religion, religion turns on man. Man tries to rebrand and reinvent religion using machine and… needless to say, things don’t go according to plan.’


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… and these lovely words from Tammy over at Books, Bones & Buffy:

‘Plastic Jesus reminded me of the moodiness of Blade Runner and the drug-fueled plot and stylistic writing of Jeff Noon’s Vurt, but with a unique quality all its own. Dangerous and atmospheric, Plastic Jesus is a futuristic thrill ride with unexpected heart.’

You can listen to me reading (and singing?) from the book at HACK Podcast and an interview on its writing over at Starship Sofa.

You can check it out some customer reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.


Very excited about this book, as its my first foray into the world of sci-fi. Hope you guys get a chance to grab a copy and check it out!