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Double-barrelled review: the wounded and the slain/ the vengeful virgin (Hard Case Crime)

So, I’m back on a bender with Hard Case Crime books. Haven’t heard of them? Well, they’re the guys who breathe new life into a lot of old classic pulp and noir novels, with a facelift to boot, so they look like this…


Not bad, eh? But isn’t it dangerous to judge a book by its cover?

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book review: dead street by Mickey spillane


I’m a HUGE fan of pulp fiction and of Hard Case Crime in particular. I’ve read and reviewed books by Donald E. Westlake, Christa Faust, Richard Aleas, Lawrence Block, Jack Clark and more. My own writing is greatly influenced by pulp and noir: I’ve often described my zombie novel FLU as noir with zombies and in his review of my most recent novel, PLASTIC JESUS, fellow genre hack, David Moody said: ‘it’s as if the cast of a hard-boiled crime novel had simply been picked up and dropped into Wayne’s future nightmare.’

That all said, there are still many classic pulp novels and writers that I had yet to read. Mickey Spillane, for one.

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