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Journo Round-Up: September 2015

Just my usual journo round-up and September’s Behind the Ink feature, in Skin Deep Mag, sees me interviewing Alex Rattray and Kat Wilson about their awesome takes on colour realism. Grab it wherever mags are sold or right here from the Skin Deep shop. 


Over at Powerplay, I’m reviewing another bunch of CDs including the awesome ‘Written in Blood’ by thrash stalwarts, Raise Hell. And, hey, is that Lemmy on the cover? Not to mention an awesome interview with The Crue inside, courtesy of fellow hack, Adrian Hextall. Find it at your local WH Smiths or any good newsagent.

powerplay Issue179-212x300

Til next time…

Journo Round-up August 2015

Just my usual round-up for the month in terms of journo work. Issue 178 of Powerplay is on shelves now, featuring my reviews of some of the latest rock & metal releases. Highlights include the new album by Italian melodic metallers, Hungryheart.

powerplay 178

Issue 253 of Skin Deep is out now and features my latest Behind the Ink feature, this month starring black & grey artists Richard Guy and Sonny Mitchell. skin-deep-253_166149

June/ July Journo Round-up

Latest issues of both Skin Deep and Powerplay are out now and, as per usual, include features by yours ghouly.

I continue my ‘Behind the Ink’ series in Skin Deep, this month interviewing new school artists Andy Walker and Cathy Sue.


Over at Powerplay, I interview the awesome Frank Dimino of Angel fame about his brand new solo album, ‘Old Habits Die Hard’, as well as reviewing the latest batch of rock & metal releases.


Find both mags at newsstands across the UK and beyond.

Retro Reading…

Been on a bit of an old-school kick with some of my reading. Grabbed some old annuals from the local charity shop, namely a 1979 BATTLE and ’91 GI JOE. I used to devour this stuff when I was a lad and it’s fun to dip back in, wryly laugh at all the politically incorrect language and senseless violence that the kids of today (or their parents at the very least) might frown upon.

Likewise with the magazines I’m reading. The last three I picked up were from e-bay; two issues of KERRANG! (’85 and ’88 respectively) and an ’87 METAL HAMMER. Here’s some of the characters you’re gonna find in there…

robert sweet yngwie kerrang Showing your age if you can identify those two gents…

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MUSIC REVIEW: Enslaved in Exile (2014) by Eyes of the Defiled

EotDbDeathcore’s a bad word right now. Once the in-thing with record labels and punters alike, with bands such as Suicide Silence (great) and Emmure (not so great) leading the charge, these days the term seems more readily used as a slur. Many bands have turned their back on deathcore altogether, choosing instead descriptors such as ‘slam’ or ‘brutal death’ for their own respective brands of extreme metal and hardcore.

Odd then that a young band such as Crisfield, MD’s Eyes of the Defiled choose to proclaim their deathcore heritage right off the bat as opposed to reluctantly having it forced upon them.

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