Book Review: Runtime by S.B. Divya

S.B. Divya’s RUNTIME is a superb old-school cyberpunk novella with a vital and youthful energy about it. Following the story of Marmeg, a young runner entered into the Minerva Sierra Challenge, a teched-up mud run of sorts, it’s a fresh take on a suddenly booming sub-genre that tips its hat to classics such as BLADE […]

Prequel to Plastic Jesus: Kitty Wants A Hitty

Notice anything different around here? Like a brand new website logo? That’ll be thanks to my pal Sion Smith who’s not only a damn fine writer, but a dab hand at the ol’ DTP to boot. So to celebrate a reboot of sorts, let’s have some cyberpunk: KITTY WANTS A HITTY is the almost-new prequel […]

Next event: Sci-fi Weekender 2014

Just a quick reminder that I’ll be at the Sci-Fi Weekender again this year. As always, you’ll find me at my table, once again joined by wingman and fellow genre hack, David Moody. I’ll have all my titles in tow, including new book, PLASTIC JESUS. I’ll also have a few other surprises, so be sure to come […]

Gerard Brennan and Jesus…

… are two top blokes. But wait a minute, we are talking about the same Gerard Brennan and Jesus, right? Gerard Brennan the Norn Irish crime hack and Jesus the rogue computer program from the Dystopian near future state of Maalside? Yeah, that’s right. Those two. Blog this! Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Tumblr it Tweet […]

And then this happened…

It’s always great to hear from readers and get pics of folk reading my books. But this… … from Mr Daryl Duncan, was a particular gem. Really made me LOL, as the young kids say. Happy Monday, everyone! Blog this! Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Tumblr it Tweet about it