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Doom N’ Gloom Episode 10

Tsam and Wayne are on the road, reporting back from the PRIMITIVE MAN/ OPIUM LORD gig in Bristol (June 2014).

Tracks played on the show: Scorn and Antietam – both by PRIMITIVE MAN.

Just a short ep but we hope you enjoy the change of scenery!

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Doom N’ Gloom Episode 9

Tsam and Wayne return with more of their unique brand of doom n’ gloom.

Episode 9 features Fyrdsman, Whorecore, Axis of Light, Blood Ceremony, Troubled Horse and Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats.

Listen/ stream/ download for free right here.


Episode 5

Wayne’s back with more genre goodness!

This month features:

A reading from Wayne’s latest release, PLASTIC JESUS (available now from Salt Publishing).

An interview with Cardiff-based TV and radio presenter, Gary Slaymaker, talking about his production company, Slaycorp.

A new regular slot with genre hack, David Moody, this month dealing with one of David’s favourite sub-genres: the B-Movie.

The ever-popular flash fiction comp, this month featuring guest judge, Scott Harrison (TWISTED HISTORIES).

Music courtesy of Galactic Cowboys: their self-titled debut album from 1991.

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Happy New Year!

With fellow horrror hacks, David Moody and Adam Millard


Okay, so I’m not going to bore you with a long and meandering introspective piece on what went well and not so well for me over 2013. But I do think it’s important for us all to pause for thought, on occasion, and look back and this is my pause.

2013 was a year of more book releases (PLASTIC JESUS, INKUBATION) and more WIPS (I’ll get back to that in a moment), as you might expect. In addition, my bestselling zomie novel, FLU, saw serialisation via Sirius XM’s Book Radio.


There have also been some brand new developments.

First of all, I started podcasting. Always a fan of podcasts, as a listener, I never thought I had it in me to maintain one of my own. A co-host spot on the Zombiehamster Podcast crashed and burned for one reason or another, none of which I want to get into, but I came out of all that with a bit of technical know-how and an appetite for doing more. Now, I’m part of two brand new podcasts: a co-hosting spot with extreme metal show, DOOM N’ GLOOM, as well as my own show on writing and genre-related stuff, HACK. There’ll be lots more of both in 2014.

I also got back into journo stuff; writing music reviews for the awesome LAIR OF FILTH, as well as some features for SKIN DEEP TATTOO MAGAZINE. Both of these will carry on in 2014.


2013 also saw me helm my first convention, as co-host of the SCARdiff Horror Expo with Mike Allwood/ Fantasy Events. It was a roaring success and new co-producer, Rebecca, and I are very much looking forward to announcing the date and new venue for the 2014 event.



Back to those WIPs and my plans for 2014 are as follows:

Final draft on vampire novel.

Write/ release final entry to the FLU series.

Final draft on sci-fi/ dystopian novel.

Commence writing on new sci-fi/ horror.

Final draft on slasher horror novel colab with fellow hack, Andre Duza.

I’ve a refurb planned for the website. And there’s other stuff going on in the background which I’m very excited about but can’t talk about just yet (I know, I know… that old cliché!).

Okay, I’m out of here. But before I go, just want to say a HUGE thanks to everyone who’s supported any of my ventures over 2013. It’s appreciated more than you know. Particular thanks to Dave, Daniel, Rich and everyone else over at the facebook page for being awesome, to Agent Gina for having my back, and to every editor/ publisher who’s believed in my work enough to put it out there. I never take any of that for granted. Thank you.

Have a good one and talk soon!


SCARdiff and HACK Podcast!

Double whammy for you, what with a reminder that this Sunday (27th October) sees brand new horror expo, SCARdiff, hitting as well as my brand new podcast, HACK.

SCARdiff 2013 is an all-horror expo co-produced by Mike Allwood (Fantasy Events) and my bad self, in association with Shock Horror Magazine and Zombiehamster.com. Guests include Bobby Rhodes (DEMONS, DEMONS 2), Dominic Brunt (BEFORE DAWN, SHELLSHOCKED, INBRED, TV’s EMMERDALE), Anthony DP Mann (THE HORROR ETC PODCAST, TERROR OF DRACULA), John Higgins (WATCHMEN, RAZORJACK), Mike Peel (THE DESCENT), David Moody (AUTUMN, HATER) and many more!

All kicking off at the Mercure Holland House Hotel, Cardiff, from 11 am til late on Sunday 27th. £8 door.

More details at the official website.

HACK Podcast is a new podcast focused on my writing and all things horror/ genre related. Ep One includes a reading from FLU, a report from GRIMMFEST featuring fellow horror hack, David Moody and readings of YOUR flash fiction.

More details at the new PODCASTS section of the website.

Hope to see you at SCARdiff! Either way, have a great weekend!