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Book Review: Caliban’s War by James S.A. Corey

caliban's war

The second book in the Expanse series of space opera goodness by James SA Corey (the pen name for co-authors Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck), Caliban’s War continues the exploits of likely lad, Jim Holden, and his crew of misfits as they wreak merry carnage across the galaxy. Since the first book, things have become even more volatile, with Earth and Mars going to war and Venus quietly breeding a cross between Ridley Scott’s Alien and George Romero’s zombies. Meanwhile, Holden finds himself wham bam in the middle of it all with a trigger-happy Martian marine, potty-mouthed UN official and wiry little botanist who just wants to find his daughter.

I love these books because they don’t feel like books: it feels more like watching a TV series than reading. And, like all the best TV out there, I just wanted to bomb my way through it all in one sitting.

In short, this is some of the best sci-fi I’ve ever read. If you’re not onboard with this series already, remedy that right now.


Amazon UK / Amazon US


Journo Round-Up: September 2015

Just my usual journo round-up and September’s Behind the Ink feature, in Skin Deep Mag, sees me interviewing Alex Rattray and Kat Wilson about their awesome takes on colour realism. Grab it wherever mags are sold or right here from the Skin Deep shop. 


Over at Powerplay, I’m reviewing another bunch of CDs including the awesome ‘Written in Blood’ by thrash stalwarts, Raise Hell. And, hey, is that Lemmy on the cover? Not to mention an awesome interview with The Crue inside, courtesy of fellow hack, Adrian Hextall. Find it at your local WH Smiths or any good newsagent.

powerplay Issue179-212x300

Til next time…

Journo Round-up August 2015

Just my usual round-up for the month in terms of journo work. Issue 178 of Powerplay is on shelves now, featuring my reviews of some of the latest rock & metal releases. Highlights include the new album by Italian melodic metallers, Hungryheart.

powerplay 178

Issue 253 of Skin Deep is out now and features my latest Behind the Ink feature, this month starring black & grey artists Richard Guy and Sonny Mitchell. skin-deep-253_166149

This month’s journo round-up…

Issue 251 of Skin Deep Tattoo Magazine is out now, featuring a brand new series, BEHIND THE INK, where I unpack the pieces of some of my favourite artists working today. This month, I’m talking with Lewis Davies, Gemma B (aka Scarlet Hel) and Jody Dawber, three artists with different takes on traditional who get worked up by everything from skateboarding stickers to pineapples at Tesco’s!


And for anyone who likes a bit of rock and metal, this month’s Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine features a few CD reviews by yours truly, including the new ones by Worldview and NightMare World. Grab it from your local WH Smith or anywhere else mags are sold.


What I’ve been up to…


So, little on the quiet side around here. Which is weird because life’s been pretty noisy. I just haven’t been telling you about it, which is rather bold of me. So let’s give you a quick update on where things are:



I’ve a few balls in the air, novel-wise.

First of all there’s a sci-fi, entitled PLASTIC JESUS, at contract stage. Been dying to tell you more about this one and hopefully will soon be able to. Stay tuned…

There’s my current WIP (that’s ‘Work In Progress’ for those who don’t speak Geek). It’s vamp horror/ thriller/ revenge thing. Real nasty piece of work, not a sparkle or emo in sight. Not even gonna tell you the name of this one. It’s all very top secret. Sitting around 2nd draft stage and weighing in at a still-lean 60K. More news to follow…

Also, I’ve a slasher horror thing, set in New Orleans, which I’m co-writing with Bizarro author Andre Duza. It’s an 80s/ drive-in/ gorefest/ homage piece. We’ve been batting it back and forth to each other for about a year now, having a whale of a time. Name of this bad girl is VOODOO CHILE (Hendrix pronunciation of ‘child’). Should be wrapping on the first draft very soon.

Finally, with the novels, I’ve got a hard-boiled crime thing called EX. I talked about it for that whole ‘Next Big Thing’ round robin: you can read more here. It’s sitting at 2nd draft stage around 50K. It’s next on the list after I wrap on the other two.

Then I’ll put the FLU series to bed.



I’ve got a few balls in the air, event-wise, and should be able to confirm some more signings very soon. The main event this year will be the SCARDIFF 2013 horror con, which I’m coproducing with Fantasy Events (in association with Shock Horror Magazine). More details, including a website coming soon.



Fellow Irishman and all round horror mover & shaker, Colin McCracken, has foolishly welcomed me over to his ZOMBIEHAMSTER site, where I co-host the podcast and write reviews/ features. It’s all horror and genre stuff, mostly independent with some vintage.

Click the links at your leisure to check out some of my reviews/ podcasts to date:







So, lots coming up.

That’s it for now. Hope y’all have a great weekend and stay safe.

(Anyone going to see the new EVIL DEAD?)