Book Review: Alien (River Of Pain)

ALIEN: RIVER OF PAIN is the third book in the new Titan Books trilogy billed as canonical companion pieces to the movies. Written by Christopher Golden, a dab hand at the ol’ franchise tie-ins, it tells the story of the fall of LV-426 (aka Acheron aka Hadley’s Hope). For those a little rusty with the […]

Book Review: Aliens Omnibus Volume 2

Okay, stop me if you’ve heard this one before…Girl walks into a spacecraft filled with marines. They’re off to a planet called Hiveworld. Our gal’s badass but scared, having something of a history with the Alien sons-of-biatches they’re going to hunt. But that’s okay because there’s a company guy there and, sure, he’s a bit […]

Book Review: Alien (Sea Of Sorrows) by James A. Moore

The second of a new trilogy of original novels set within the ever-expanding universe of the Alien franchise, ALIEN: SEA OF SORROWS by James A. Moore rather aptly mirrors the second movie of the series, ALIENS – with its ragtag band of marines (although here, they’re a ragtag bunch of mercs), Mr Byrne-esque company reps […]

Prequel to Plastic Jesus: Kitty Wants A Hitty

Notice anything different around here? Like a brand new website logo? That’ll be thanks to my pal Sion Smith who’s not only a damn fine writer, but a dab hand at the ol’ DTP to boot. So to celebrate a reboot of sorts, let’s have some cyberpunk: KITTY WANTS A HITTY is the almost-new prequel […]

Movie Review: PANDORUM (2009)

When I’m writing within a particular genre or sub-genre, I like to surround myself with films, books, comics, games and whatever else I can find within such. It gets me into the zone; helps me home in better on what stones are still left unturned. Directed by Christian Alvert and starring Ben Foster, Dennis Quaid […]