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Retro Reading…

Been on a bit of an old-school kick with some of my reading. Grabbed some old annuals from the local charity shop, namely a 1979 BATTLE and ’91 GI JOE. I used to devour this stuff when I was a lad and it’s fun to dip back in, wryly laugh at all the politically incorrect language and senseless violence that the kids of today (or their parents at the very least) might frown upon.

Likewise with the magazines I’m reading. The last three I picked up were from e-bay; two issues of KERRANG! (’85 and ’88 respectively) and an ’87 METAL HAMMER. Here’s some of the characters you’re gonna find in there…

robert sweet yngwie kerrang Showing your age if you can identify those two gents…

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Book Review: HONESTLY by Michael Sweet


‘I drink,’ writes Michael Sweet of Christian metal band, Stryper. ‘I smoke. If you ask my wife, my kids, my tech, my agent or my manager they’ll tell you that I curse more than I should.’ Add to the list a little pre-marital sex, hanging out at strip clubs with Lemmy and an arrest for indecent exposure and you’ve pretty much got your full compliment of rock star debauchery in HONESTLY: MY LIFE AND STRYPER REVEALED. As Sweet himself says right off the bat in chapter one, this ain’t exactly THE DIRT.

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