It’s my party and I’ll release a new book if I want to…

So, two things going on today. One: I’ve officially entered mid-life crisis territory. Two: I’ve released a surprise novella! We’ll not dwell too much on the former, but the latter? Well, that’s something I do want to talk about. New book’s called THE GIRL IN THE BASEMENT and it’s a crime/ horror hybrid about a young goth girl called […]

The Pulp Review: KRIMSON by Thomas Emson

THE BLURB: The vampires’ grip on London and the rest of Britain strengthens. Their human allies force themselves into positions of power. Even Downing Street is occupied by the Nebuchadnezzars, the undead’s mortal watchmen. But a small band of Britons continues the fight. And with Jake Lawton leading them, there is always a glimmer of […]