Book Review: ISOLATION by David Moody

ISOLATION is a brand new novella by bestselling genre author, David Moody. Complete with four short stories, it’s been billed as Moody’s final word on zombie horror. Blog this! Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Tumblr it Tweet about it

BOOK REVIEW: The Cost of Living by David Moody

  If there’s one man who knows his zombies, it’s fellow horror hack, David Moody. His novel, AUTUMN, was one of the first of a new wave of zombie horror fiction hailing from the early zeroes that seems more popular now than ever.  Along with Brian Keene, who released his seminal zombie novel THE RISING around the same time, Moody […]

Like a Bridge over Troubled Waters…

So here’s a thing: I was in the newsagents yesterday, picking up my papers,  and made for the till just as the woman beside me did the same. ‘After you,’ I said, but she was already holding back gesturing that I should go first. An awkward standoff followed until the woman laughed, passed her papers to the bemused assistant and said: ‘We’re so polite. Must be a British […]

Happy New Year!

  Okay, so I’m not going to bore you with a long and meandering introspective piece on what went well and not so well for me over 2013. But I do think it’s important for us all to pause for thought, on occasion, and look back and this is my pause. 2013 was a year of more book releases (PLASTIC […]

Shock Horror Magazine Feature and Steve Vold’s Portrait!

In other news, I’m delighted to be featured in the current issue of Shock Horror Magazine with a full page, exclusive interview.   Now, what made this feature particularly special was the inclusion of this awesome portrait by artist and long time reader, Steve Vold. Very humbling!   Pretty awesome, eh? Look out for Steve’s forthcoming comicbook project, ZOMBIE […]